The Process of Domain Name Registration in Canada: How to Register a Domain Name

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Registering a domain for your site or blog is an important step towards launching your business online. Here is how the process of domain name registration in Canada goes!

So, you are planning on starting your own business or brand online. That is a huge step, so you need to make sure you’ve done everything properly. Registering a domain for your new website, ecommerce site or blog is an essential step towards launching your business or brand online and establishing an online presence. A lot of people think that this can be a complicated process, however, it is actually an inexpensive, simple, and quick procedure.

Before you decide to launch your new online business, we highly recommend you to choose a domain name and then build a website, ecommerce site or blog.

Here is how the process of domain name registration in Canada goes:

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➢ Find the right name

As we said, choosing a domain name for your new business or brand is a thing you should do first. You need a name that will represent your business, you need a name that is unique, memorable, catchy, and simple. Once you will pick a name you like, make sure to check whether or not the name is available. If the name is not available, repeat the process, and if the name is available you can register it immediately. If the domain is not available, you can search the WHOIS database and check out when the registration expires or get in touch with the current domain holder, maybe the owner will decide to sell you the name. If you already have a hint on how to name your website, then do not wait any longer and check its availability, all you need to do is to click on https://shopify.com/domains.

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➢ Choose a reliable domain name registrar

A registrar is a retailer that sells domains and services such as website builders, email, and hosting. This is the company that will help you register the domain. When you are looking for a .CA domain name with Canadian Internet Registration Authority or CIRA, they will provide you with a list of reliable domain registrars to choose from. Every domain registrar has a specific offering, when it comes to the products or services they offer, the price they charge, as well as, their customer service offering. Choosing the right registrar that meets your budget and your business needs is really important. Here are some tips to keep in mind when evaluating your options – make sure the domain name registrar offers the types of products or services you will need, make sure they offer 24/7 support via live-chat, phone or email, check out how much the domain name registration will cost, read reviews, comments and testimonials to check users’ recommendations and experiences. If you are not satisfied with a certain domain name registrar, you can always transfer your .ca domain to a better registrar. There is a small fee you need to pay for the transfer.

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➢ Register your domain and build a website

Once you have found a domain name and you have chosen a domain registrar, it is time to buy and register the domain and finally, start building your website, blog or ecommerce site. You can register the domain name for more than 1 year as this way is cheaper.

Building an affordable and professional website has never been easier. Many domain registrars provide website building tools and features for their customers and with these kinds of tools and features, your business is ready to take on the online world.

You should always make sure you keep your ecommerce site, your blog or your website up-to-date and also promote your domain on social media platforms to attract more people. You can also use promotional materials such as signs, packaging, and business cards.

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How to Register a Domain Name