Why is it a good idea to select a country-specific top level domains (TLD) name?

domains (TLD) name?

The vast majority of existing websites have a domain name that ends in .com or .net. In addition, the majority of people who want to start a new website are interested in these so-called top level domains (TLD) names. The reason is simple – people are used to opening .com websites and they make the website look more professional in the eyes of visitors. In addition, a .com website is usually a website focused on the international audience. But, the fact is that you can expect many advantages if you choose country-specific domains (TLD).

There is a long list of advantages that you can expect from this type of top level domains. This is especially true for people and organizations that conduct their business activities mostly in one country.

SEO advantages

The majority of the popular search engines will bring you better search engine results if your website has a country-specific top level domain if the search engine users come from that country. For instance, in case some Internet user comes from Canada and he or she is looking for cars, search engines like Google or Yahoo will probably rank cars.ca higher compared to cars.com.

If you opt for a country specific top level domain, you will also get a chance to list your website on some of the best website directories in your country. They are obviously focused on national businesses. So, this is an additional technique that you can use to improve your search engine ranking. Needless to say, the backlinks you will get from relevant websites are much more powerful compared to the backlinks from other sites.

A more reliable site in the eyes of potential buyers

Using a country-specific top level domain will usually provide increased reliability and confidence in the eyes of potential buyers. When the website is local, they know that the same laws apply to the website and to them. In other words, they believe that if anything goes wrong, they can easily solve this problem using all the available legal actions in their country. The fact that they will see a local phone number and a local address on the site will make your website even more reliable in their eyes.

In many cases, website owners are buying both options –  .com and a country-specific top level domain name. This is an elegant solution if you are addressing both local consumers and international consumers. Even though you may be focused on the local market at the moment, you should never miss an opportunity to try your luck on the international market too. Remember that the price of top level domains is not very high and this is definitely an investment worth the money.

Determining target audience: the easy way

If you choose a country specific top level domain, you will also get valuable information about your target audience before your website starts working. There is no need to ask them for their personal

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