Web Hosting Issues You Could Stumble Upon When Changing From Free To Paid Hosting

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Many new business owners start off with free web hosting, but when the business grows, they have to change up to paid hosting. When changing up from free to paid web hosting, there are issues you’re bound to experience. The issues are related to layout, downtime, content display and more. These are common issues when changing up from free to paid web hosting:

Being met by a ‘’Coming Soon Page’’ after uploading your site on the web hosting platform

This issue can be due to your web browser uploading the previous version of your website, or you didn’t upload your website to the right folder on the web host’s platform. If you uploaded the previous version of your website, you could correct the issue by clearing your browser’s cache. If you uploaded your website to the wrong folder on the hosting account, make sure you upload it again in the right folder.

The changes you made are not showing on your hosting website

This is a common problem when changing up from free to paid hosting. The best way to correct these issues is to clear your browser cache.

The hosting website was online, but it suddenly went down

This may occur due to making changes to your site after the changeup. If that’s not the reason, then it may be due to your hosting provider experiencing downtime. If you suspect that the web hosting provider is experiencing downtime, call them to confirm. It could also be that your domain name experienced issues, most likely, issues with DNS settings. If you don’t know what that means, contact your web hosting provider to correct the problem.

Your hosting website isn’t displaying any images

You may changeup from free to paid host the right way, but when you launch your site, your images are not showing. The problem could be your images didn’t load properly to your web hosting account during the transfer. Just re-upload the images to correct the issue. Also, the problem could be that the images are in the wrong folder. Try to open the area where the images are supposed to be on your website and check the problem from the page. You could also contact the web hosting company to help you locate them.

The layout of your website looks off

Your website could only display text and leave out the layout and design elements. This typically happens when your site’s CSS file is missing. You can sort this out by reloading the entire site. If that doesn’t solve the issue, locate the CCS file and move it to where it’s supposed to be.

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