Sell on eBay with Shopify: A Short Guide

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One of the main reasons why business owners opt for Shopify when they are looking for a good eCommerce platform is the fact that Shopify promises access to many integration options. These integration options provide access to some of the best online marketplaces, auction sites and social media networks including Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter and of course – eBay. If you want to sell on eBay with Shopify, you should know that there is more than one benefit of doing this.

First of all, eBay has a fan base which includes more than 170 million active users. When people are looking for products via Google, Yahoo or other popular search engines, many of the results come from this online marketplace. In addition, selling on eBay via Shopify is an easy and simple task. While you don’t have to pay anything for integrating your online store with eBay, the famous auction site will ask for certain fees. There are three different plans available to users and these plans allow users to list a certain number of items per month. Now that you know why you should sell on eBay with the help of Shopify, it’s time to learn how you can do this.

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Using Shopify to sell items on eBay

The good thing is that it’s quite easy to sell on this platform when you have Shopify on your side. First and foremost, you must go to your Shopify dashboard and approve eBay as a sales channel. Needless to say, you must have an eBay account too. When you complete this stage, you can start the process of integration.

Adding eBay on the list of allowed sales channels

To complete this process, log in to the Shopify account. Check the Sales Channels tab on the left side of the screen. Expand the Sales Channel list and search for eBay. Once you find it just click the plus button to add eBay as a Shopify sales channel. Finally, you must allow eBay to take information about products, orders, customers and other things in order to get the best results. Don’t hesitate to do this because eBay is a well-established, trusted site and your Shopify store won’t be affected in any way if you share this information with eBay.

Linking an eBay account to Shopify

To begin with the linking process, you have to use the Connect button. After that, allow eBay access to your Shopify account. Next, use the Add Sales channel button. In the pop-up window, use your eBay ID and pass to log in. The next step is to press the Register button and follow the instructions in case you are not an account holder. In the end, Shopify will need your permission to access the eBay account.

Configuring eBay listing policies

You will have to provide information about your preferred sales terms, current location, and fulfillment terms in order to configure the eBay listing policies. According to many experts, the best option is to use the default policies.

Sell on eBay with Shopify

Selecting products that you would like to list and share

You can start this phase by using the Review and Publish button. In this way, you will publish all the products you have at once. In case you want to publish specific products, then you can use the Choose Individual Products button. If you are using this option, you will have to choose the products and use the Save and Publish button after that. Keep in mind that users will get a chance to alter their selections right before they publish them. Once they are published, the products will become available on eBay.

Customizing and publishing specific products

On the dashboard, users will find a table where they can see all the listed products. On this table, there are rows which represent the products. In addition, there are columns that represent specific parts of listing that have to be created for every specific product. If you are looking for a way to change information, you can do this by clicking the cell that you want to alter.

The next thing that you should do is to click the Save and Publish All products button. When the listing is generated, you will get back to the channel overview section of your Shopify account.

Don’t forget that this is an ongoing process and that as an eBay seller via Shopify, you have to check certain things on a regular basis. Start (or finish) your day by visiting your Shopify account. Open eBay sales channel overview and ship pending orders. You can find these orders easily directly on the dashboard. At the same time, you should check the eBay messages that were left by users. Of course, you should reply to these messages. In addition, you should handle the inventory.

Final thoughts

As you can see, selling on the world’s most popular auction site (eBay) with the help of Shopify is not a difficult task. Obviously, there are a few things that you should do, but these things can be done by any Internet user regardless of their experience and knowledge in the eCommerce sector.

Selling on eBay is a smart thing to do in case you already run a Shopify-powered store. There are millions of Internet users out there and they are not using the same places to look for goods. Some of them are using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. There are also people that use search engines to look for specific online stores that can help them buy the best products. Of course, there are also many people that use online marketplaces and auction sites like eBay and Amazon to buy things. All these things mean that as a seller you should be interested in using multiple channels on the Internet. This is possible with the help of Shopify. This eCommerce platform will help you become present on any of these channels and all you have to do achieve this goal is to take a few simple steps.

Sell on eBay with Shopify